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I teach courses in ethics, particularly in medical ethics. In the classroom I explore theoretical issues and consistently bring these issues to bear on contemporary problems. My primary goals as a teacher are to instill communicative and analytical skills as well as to leave a lasting impression on the thought processes of students. I am also interested in how fiction can be used a method for training new philosophers and health professionals to approach complex moral issues with nuance and empathy.

Courses Taught

As Primary Instructor:

Medical Ethics (Summer 2023, Fall 2022)

Philosophy of Death and Dying (Summer 2022)

Philosophy and Literature (Spring 2023)

Introduction to Philosophy (Summer 2023, Spring 2022, Fall 2021)

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (Summer 2019, Duke TIP)

As Teaching Assistant:

Prisoner’s Dilemma and Distributive Justice (Spring 2021)
History of Modern Philosophy (Fall 2020)
Neuroethics (Spring 2020)
Medical Ethics (Spring 2020)
Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2019)


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